Monday, 2 February 2009

Today is Monday, so by now I should be waving the kids off to school, and thinking about that first relaxing cup of coffee and five minutes peace before I attempt to restore order to the post weekend state of the house!

Not today!

Today, I have bundled the children into pretty much all of the clothes in their closet, wrapped them up in so many layers they can barely move and kicked them out of the house!

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t abandoned, and I have tried to go out there and check that they are okay, but every time I open the front door I get bombarded with snowballs. Its three against one, I haven’t got a chance, I can’t even get a snowball made before getting totally covered. It’s down my neck and in my ears for goodness sake!

Today we have the worst snow fall in London for over 18 years, about seven inches of snow fell since yesterday afternoon and the whole world looks bright and shiny new as far as the eye can see!

Of course, England being England means that the country has come to a grinding halt, apparently the record snow fall took them all by surprise (funny since its been forecast on the TV for four days straight) so roads were not gritted, railway lines were not cleared, runways were not ploughed. Yep, most airports have closed their runways, trains are running a pretty limited service, from what I can make out there is about a two mile stretch of track in some obscure place in north London that is running as normal…for now! There is not a single bus running in London. Major motorways are closed and we are being warned to stay indoors...and the best of all, well, for the kids…schools are closed.

So it is building lopsided snowmen, snow ball fights and an unlimited supply of hot chocolate today, Deion is out there slipping around and wheel spinning in his electric chair…. It looks like fun, I wonder if he’ll let me have a go!!!

Right, I’d better go, I have a really good plan! I’m going to quietly sneak out the back door, I'm going to gather as many snow balls as I can carry on the way and sneak round the front and launch my attack.

The snow ball, the urban assault weapon of choice today!!!

Have fun, keep warm, drive carefully, stay indoors if you can, and don't, whatever you do, let them win, kids need to be put in their place...fight dirty if you have to!!!!

Sal xxxxxxx

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