Clumsiness Disorder?  

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows I am kind of clumsy…okay, I under-exaggerate, I’m very clumsy. I try to blame it on my constant lack of sleep, but the truth is I’ve been like it my whole life; my dad nicknamed me Calamity Jane when I was about six years old. I wouldn't say I'm the clumsiest person in the world...maybe just in the southern hemisphere!

And today is right up there with the top ten of my most embarrassing moments. And that’s saying something considering, I’ve walked into plate glass windows, shut my hair in shop doors and nearly scalped myself, fallen off a pier, fallen in rivers and out of trees (yes, sadly, quite recently!), set fire to myself more than once, bounced right off trampolines….the list is endless…

Today, I was rushing as usual; I had twenty minutes to get to the bank before Deion had to be at a physio appointment. So I parked the van, unclipped my seatbelt, swung the door open and started to climb out…only my seatbelt hadn’t unclipped all the way, and my arm was sort of caught in it, "ULK" I said as I kind of somersaulted out of the van, legs over my head and everything, and landed on my backside on the floor.

It would have been okay if it wasn’t a van and quite high up, and even better if it wasn’t by a really busy part of the town centre…

I have a bruised butt, a grazed knee and I may have broken my wrist and a couple of ribs!!!!, but my pride was hurt the most. Oh, and I need to find another bank/place to shop!


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1 comments: to “ Clumsiness Disorder?

  • Niksmom
    18 February 2009 at 16:10  

    Oh my! I hope you *didn't* break anything! Sending hugs...and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).

    OMG, I had to share my word ver. with you...deribb. Get it? Hope yours are ok!

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