Laughs From The Past!  

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I actually managed to escape the house last night, it was nothing short of a military run exercise, I needed to be AWOL for about five hours…unheard of! So it took a days planning, Deion’s exercises were done early, he was bathed and ready for bed by six o’clock in the evening, dinner was done, e-mails were answered, all my work done, I even managed to brush my hair and put on some lipstick!!!

I went to meet an old friend…this is a girl I grew up with, we were inseparable from the age of about seven until we were about eighteen, then we got jobs, went of in separate directions, moved away and slowly lost touch.

It was so wonderful to see her, it bought back so many memories. We talked about things I haven’t thought of in years, it was hilarious. We had so much catching up to do.

And she hasn’t changed a bit, and it made me realise, that even though years have passed, we still are the same people in so many ways. Oh, I know, we’ve aged, we’ve both been through a lot, and we are different in so many ways, life does that doesn’t it. But the essence of what makes us...’us’…is still there; the same sense of humour, the same mannerisms even, the same values. I guess I forget that, I can’t remember not being a mum, can’t remember what I did, what filled my time before my life was how it is now. But somewhere deep down, I have a giggly eighteen year old inside of me that needs to express herself sometimes, life didn’t quite manage to kill her off!!!!

We’re going to stay in touch definitely now, not because we need to hash over the past, although those memories are valuable, but because the same things that made us click and enjoy each others company were still there after all these years, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

Now all I need to do is deal with the Armageddon that occurred while I was not here to pick up after everyone!!!!

Take care

Sal xxx

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