Episode 2!  

Friday, 17 October 2008

Hi, thank you for watching our first video blog, we are overwhelmed at the response and sheer volume of views. We had many questions after posting it, things like… ‘Have you not heard of make-up?’ Could you say umm, any more in a sentence?’ and ‘Why don’t you smile?’

That WAS me smiling!

Seriously though, your questions and comments were very encouraging. As lots of people asked about family life, fitting everything in and how the other kids cope, we decided that on Saturday we’d get together and record another blog. We’ll talk about family life, how we stay positive, what its like to live with disability in general and the impact that it has on other family members.

So tune in for the next episode of ‘Sally’s World!’

Take care, see you on Sunday.
Sal xxx

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