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Monday, 5 January 2009

Hi everyone, Happy New Year. We hope you all had a great Christmas and the hangovers are all totally gone!

I apologise for my absence in all the blogs, we were away visiting family and everywhere we went there was some sort of computer problem, so after losing about twenty blogs…I sort of left it alone. It was lovely to get away, but I did miss the blogging, its become such a great way of getting my thoughts down and off my chest, and also getting some feedback and support for me too.

I went over Trojan's last night and we did our first three (yep, we got carried away after not doing one for so long) video blogs of 2009. Firstly there was a Happy New Year Message that we intended to talk about our hopes and aspirations for 2009, but sort of veered off into talking about new years resolutions and Trojan hinting at something very rude…my lips are sealed on the matter (unless the price is right!!)

We also spoke about my Anthony Robbins experience, as I was lucky enough to go to one of his seminars while we were away, you can find out more, and how helpful it is by watching the blog and reading the written blog too. Of course that was going to be an interview style thing, but it turns out I was still pretty fired up about it and all Trojan could do was step aside and let me rant (makes a change then!)

Thirdly we spoke about different messages we have received and how people who have passed let us know they are still about and watching over us. We chose this subject because a friend recently visited a medium and got a message from a very stubborn Aaron!!! Nice to know he hasn't changed!!!

So we hope you enjoy them, and again thank you for your support, your e-mails and comments. please, keep sending them.

Have a great week,

Sal and Trojan xxxx

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