A Time and a Place!  

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The news shopper plopped onto my doorstep last night, so I picked it up to have a read.

The front page headline read ‘GET BARACK TO BASICS’ the article was about how the Mayor of Lewisham spoke so long about Barack Obama’s election as US president in a council meeting, he had to miss talking about some of the pressing issues that are affecting our residents.

Now I for one am a huge fan of Barack Obama, I am proud and excited about him being the 44th US president. I also think the message his election into office has sent to the world is hopeful and fills many people with promise, and I firmly believe that the victory will filter down and affect everyone.

But until it does, Steve, please deal with what you are paid to deal with! By all means Mr Bullock, congratulations are in order, to mention it and to show support is fine…but residents got very frustrated when this little speech went on for over twenty minutes, and there was no time left to talk about some items on the agenda.

So perhaps it would have been more suitable to talk about the pressing issues that families in Lewisham have to face on a daily basis. Yes, Barack Obama, a man of mixed parentage being elected into office, the most powerful office in the world sends a world wide message, but there is a time and a place to give a speech about it. Maybe in Mr Bullock's own time!

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