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Saturday, 3 January 2009

I got a wonderful and surprising message yesterday, although, I guess I shouldn’t be all that shocked really.

My sister-in-law Kelly rang me to tell me she had a message I might want to hear.

It transpired that a friend of hers (Jodie) had been to visit a medium a few months ago. While Jodie was there, the medium asked her if she knew of a child who had passed and even asked her if she knew someone called Sally. Partly because they were thinking about their own relatives and passed loved ones, they didn’t get it right away, which is totally understandable. Only afterwards did they feel like they could kick themselves for not putting it together.

They went back to the medium again last week, and this time I expect they were more conscious of who might come through they got who was talking straight away.

“I have a child here who won’t move aside, a boy,” said the medium.
(stubborn…hmmm, who could it be???)
“I’m not sure if he is a relation of yours because he is black or mixed race.”
(hmmm, stubborn mixed race boy, we need more clues???)

Of course, I am a blubbering mess by the time we’ve got this far into the conversation, so Kelly paused should I have a stroke or mild cardiac arrest at the actual message!

But it turns out that Aaron just wanted to come through to let us know he was fine, he is busy, and active (no wheelchair) and he is doing better than I am. Of course this blew my cover a little because people think I’m doing better than I am, but hey, if Aaron is doing well, that will help me that’s for sure.

I have the guy’s number and I’m going to phone him and see him as soon as possible. Just in case Aaron has anything else to say.

But what a brilliant start to the year, how wonderful to have certainty that he is still here and watching over us…ready to give me a kick up the bum and remind me not to sit around miserable, because he certainly isn’t.

So thank you Jodie and Kelly and the medium. I went to sleep with a smile on my face and had a lovely dream of Aaron and I playing on a beach and playing in the sea….

Thank you for the message Aaron, my beautiful angel, I am so glad you personality is still as strong as ever, mummy will speak to you very soon.


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