Thursday, 8 January 2009

Well Trojan and I had our first salsa class since Christmas last night, and as usual it was brilliant.

At first I was a little worried that I might have forgotten some of the steps, but was thrilled when it all came back and we flew through the class with grace and finesse…well, sort of!!! I stepped on no-ones toes, I head butted no-one. Bloody hell, I must be getting good.

We did so well, that after our own class and our cool down session, Trojan and I though we’d take a leap into the advanced class…we were feeling good, we thought we could handle it. So we lined up for the warm up, our heads held high, proud that were were daring enough to try. It started with a few of the steps we already knew…cool! Then suddenly the teacher spun around, walked backwards across the floor with some complicated footwork, did a couple of complicates steps, a spinny thing (that’s a technical term) and somehow ended up back in the starting position.

Trojan and I stared at her dumbfounded for a minute, looked at each other in horror and then Trojan said “I don’t think we’re ready for this class,”…
“Maybe next week” I said.
To which Trojan nodded…
Of course we were both thinking ‘yeah right, maybe next millennium!

We headed straight for the bar (this we’ve mastered the art of…no problem) and I don’t think anyone noticed us sneaking away from the group…although there were a group of people near by, and one of them had obviously just told a really funny joke judging by the way they were falling about laughing…

No, I’m joking, its not the sort of place where people judge you, or laugh if you go wrong, they are very kind, and very patient.

We are going out to a family dinner on Friday, and have sort of dared each other to do a few salsa moves!!! Oh well, lets just hoped we’re not disowned by the end of the night!!!

What I did do today was watch our salsa video blog and realise we have already come a long way from this, but if you fancy a giggle, then feel free to watch!

Maybe we should take a camera on Friday and do a before and after shoot!!!

Take care

Sal & Trojanxxx

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