Test Results, or Lack Of !!  

Friday, 9 January 2009

I think I have officially reached the end of my tether.

I have just got off the phone from the hospital AGAIN! And I am still none the wiser with regards to Deion’s results…these were the results we were supposed to have at the end of November, the same results from the same tests we had to wait months for… so you would think that the results would be forthcoming, I get that doctors are busy, I get we are little more than a number on a hospital form to them…but I also know that our lives are practically on hold while we wait for a phone call or a letter to plop onto the doormat to kindly tell us what the news is with regards to OUR child.

I was calmly told that I should have expected a delay over the Christmas period…to which I calmly yelled ‘NO I BLOODY SHOULN’T, BECAUSE WE SHOULD HAVE HAD THE RESULTS IN NOVEMBER….CHRISTMAS SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THE BLOODY EQUATION’

I know, I know, it isn’t the fault of the person on the phone relaying the information, but the poor woman gets it every time, because no-one else will return my calls. If I was her, I’d practically stand over whoever it is that is authorised to issue the results and make sure they made the call, or wrote the letter…at least then she wont have to listened to a deranged mother (yes me) an a daily basis.

Despite feeling like I am banging my head against a brick wall; I’m trying to stay calm, I’m trying to tell myself that no news is good news, and in our hearts we have faith that Diddy is okay. But it is hard, because experience has told us otherwise, in the past 'no news' has merely meant complacency!

Well, how nice to be able to be complacent, how nice to not be in a position to have to wait or worry for a child’s results.

Complacency is just not an emotion I’m familiar with!


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