Happy Birthday Deion  

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Deion’s birthday has arrived. He’s happy, I’m knackered. I scoured the whole of south east England to find the game he wanted for his PS3, I had a scuffle in the PC World sale for the last gaming chair, I managed to find a yellow, car shaped cake (as he decided two days ago this is what he needed), I’ve arranged to take him and 12 of his friends bowling, and don’t hold out much hope of getting through the day without hitting the brandy.

He'll never guess what it is!!!

Deion has some lovely friends, but there is one in particular that drives me to drink, he’s a lovely kid, but has to be the only person on the planet that talks more than Deion. So this should be fun.

But as long as Deion has a good day, that’s all that matters. He’s had a long year in one way or another, he’s worked hard at school and he is after all my cutie pie!

He is as we speak trying out his new chair and his new game, and I can’t wait to have a go, in this particular game, get to be Wonder Woman! Yay! Of course Deion is getting a bit above himself, telling me he’ll be Batman and kick my butt…he doesn’t know much, as if Batman can beat Wonder Woman in a fight, he hasn’t even got special powers…goodness me!

Have a great day

Sal xxx

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