Sunday, 11 January 2009

I am feeling a tad poorly today.

Somehow, all the planets aligned correctly last night to allow Dave and I some time alone! Our nephew was free, Dave was in from work, no one was poorly…hurray! So Dave and I got to go to the cinema to see James bond's Quantum of Solace. We’ve heard mixed reviews, but loved Casino Royale, and hey, let’s face it, even if the film was rubbish, how bad can it be to have to watch Daniel Craig run around the screen for an hour and a half, right?

I have been waiting to see the film for ages, and it was only on late night showing, but we were going to get there. We were even going to get something to eat first…result!

Well, it was a result all right, just not the one I expected. we got to the restaurant, I ordered a king prawn dish, it came out looking great, smelling great, I tasted the sauce…lovely, then I bit into a prawn and screwed up my face. Dave asked me what was wrong…so I told him that the prawn tasted funny and offered one to which he declined…funny that, “hey Dave this is really disgusting,” I said, “try it”…then I was confused when he said “no.”…go figure!

Dave’s meal was fine, but after tasting another prawn (just to be sure), I couldn’t eat mine. I was gutted, I’d been so hungry. I did send it back uneaten, I was told they had sold many of the dishes through the evening, and had no complaints, although he did tell me they are partially cooked earlier, and then re-cooked when ordered. Maybe this is okay at five or six o’clock in the evening, but not at 10pm. I don’t know, I’m no expert, maybe this is standard cooking procedure, but whatever way you look at it, I paid for an inedible meal.

We were offered free dessert, which was fine, and the obscene mountain of sticky toffee pudding with home made vanilla ice-cream did get rid of the prawn taste. I even put the slightly sicky feeling in my tummy down to the excess of dessert.

The film was, however, great, Dave didn’t enjoy it quite as much as me, and it had nothing to do with Daniel Craig!

But then I spent the night in the bathroom, and now the prawns are repeating on me, I’ll probably not be able to eat another prawn for a very long time. So I feel a tad tender today, and I’m trying hard and failing to stay hydrated.

I have rung the restaurant and told them, of course apologies and offers of free meals were offered (and declined). I was assured they would be making adjustments and ensuring their prawns were fine. Good grief, one would think this was standard procedure.

I’m off to wallow on the sofa for a while,

Hope your days a little better than mine so far,

Sal xxx

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