A little kindness goes a long way.  

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I am just writing this blog, because I was touched today by someone’s simple act of kindness.

The day didn’t start off great; Deion had a couple of hospital appointments; we had our usual two hour wait for the first and our usual tussle over results at the second, I left knowing nothing more than I did before we went.

Then as we had an hour to spare between the hospital appointments and Deion’s Physio therapist appointment, I took Deion shopping so he could spend his birthday money.

We inevitably ended up in the game shop, because somehow he ended up with about seventy thousand pounds worth of game card vouchers (slight exaggeration!) for his birthday.

I then got his feet measured and had to hand over roughly the equivalent of our monthly shopping budget for a pair of trainers just because they were a particular brand and colour…great.

We then gave up in pound land, as the isles are too small for his wheelchair to get around, of course we had the requisite number of doors slammed in our face, the usual amount of people moaning about Deion getting in the way and of course I had expended an extraordinary amount of energy in NOT thumping at least twenty people for being so bloody rude!

So I just didn’t have the energy to argue when he asked for a MacDonald’s for lunch. He couldn’t believe his luck when I didn’t lecture him about trans fats and nitrates (yep, I’m that sad), but instead just held the door open for him to go on in.

While we were trying to fight our way through the crowds of schoolchildren (that surely should have been in school anyway) Deion got walked into, banged and scowled at about ten times. The usual really… people just don’t see him, they are only looking at eye level I guess!

Then a lady who worked there told us to go and sit down and she would get our food for us to save us queuing. This was new to me, and not something that is normal practice in MacDonald’s I believe. But we followed her to a table, she wiped it down, asked Deion what he wanted, and then went off to get his happy meal. She came back literally a few moments later, gave us the food and handed me my change.

Deion and I, dumb struck, thanked her profusely.

She told us it was her pleasure, she has a daughter in a wheelchair and knows how hard it is, but it was so refreshing, because she actually spoke to Deion instead of over him, instantly knowing the wheelchair didn’t make him stupid. She was lovely and it made a huge difference to what is normally a nightmare of pushing and shoving and ‘excuse mes’ into something quite relaxing.

I’m sure to her it was nothing more than a small act of kindness, but to us it was beyond nice, and she made Deion feel really special.

“Wasn’t she a lovely lady mum,” Deion said as we left.
“Yes she was,” I said.
“I wish more people were like her don’t you mum?”

Yes I do!

Take care

Sal & Deion xxxx

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