world record attempt...most appointments in one day  

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

i need to ring the Guinness book of world records, the BBC, the queen...i think that today we have achieved a new world record!

Deion was not best pleased when I woke him at 6.30 on a non-school day, but we had an 8.30 appointment. Deion had a fitting for his new soft splint (stops his left wrist becoming to bent over), then went straight into a 9.15 appointment to pick up his new hard splint (wears this a night for same reason) then we went off to the dentist for 10.30 (all good) then off to physio for 11.30 (hard work, new exercises from muscle wastage when he was ill) we had to be at the doctors by 12, then to the nurse by 12.30 for a blood test. then i grabbed him some lunch (worthless no good McDonald's as a bribe) and we had to be at the dietitian for 1.45 (more supplements cos lost weight while oinking with swine flu) off to the hospital for his chest x-ray (still slight chest infection) and then off to the wheelchair clinic by 3pm to be fitted for a new harness. had to be home by 4.30 as the guy was coming to service Deion's hospital bed...

whats that 10? 11? appointments, ridiculous, gotta be a record! none of these places are more than 4 miles from home, yet somehow I've clocked up 70 miles in the car today???

Why you ask?? (me too) it just worked out that way, all we have to do tomorrow is go to the new school to make sure they have the right toilet chair, drop the car in so they can fix the ramp and go grocery shopping....oh, and Deions got friends round for tea...will seem quiet in comparison.

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