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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Goodness, me, sorry for my absence from my own and your blogs this last week, we had a bit of an emergency!

Poor old Deion seems to be going through it at the moment, he complained of a tummy ache last week Thursday, and being the (often criticized) over protective mother that I am, I took him straight to our family doctor, who sent us straight to the hospital to be checked over, they took some bloods, diagnosed appendicitis, admitted him and got him to theatre...the appendix had perforated and leaked, so he was on IV anti-biotics for five days,threw up when they tried to get him eating and couldn't poop....so we didn't get home until today.

We are glad to be home, he is feeling pretty good now, but between the laryngitis, then the swine flu, then the appendicitis, he must be waiting to see what happens next. Amazingly, hes still smiling, what a star.

I need to catch my breath and I'll get back on the blog. I have some posts to catch up on!

Also I think I need a good chiropractor, the fold down bed I slept on (attempted to sleep on) next to Deion's bed for the last week has left me feeling like a ninety year old woman with arthritis!

All in all its been a bit scary and left me feeling a bit shell shocked, I'm doing my usual thing of sticking a smile on it, and getting on with it, but its got me realising once again how fragile life is. And just how terrified I am that something will happen to another one of my children.

Back soon

Sal xxxx

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