Exam results  

Friday, 28 August 2009

Jordan has gone to school to get his exam results.

I'm not really worried (she says as she paces the room and bites her nails), Jordan is brighter than most, certainly left me behind in the school work years ago. He's not nervous, he says he knows he's aced them (note to self, do something about Jordan's confidence levels)

Its a first for me, even though he isn't my eldest, Aaron never took exams, even if he'd still been with us he wouldn't have. His achievements were measured in many other, and quite frankly, more fun ways by his school.

It will be different again for Deion. Deion has already shown some nervousness about his. He's just done the Sat's at primary and he found it quite stressful. He got extra time, there is a system so that depending on disability, extra time is awarded, and Deion can even have a scribe for some parts, and can use his specially adapted computer for others.

But all this stuff is time consuming, so even though Deion knows his stuff, he finds it hard to record it in time.

I've told him not to worry about it now, its three years away (but oh my, how quick that will pass)

I guess its just one other thing he has to deal with.....

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