The real prayer at the dinner table  

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Okay, so we had guests for dinner, guests I didn't want but all the same, there they were, all sitting at the dining table, waiting to criticize me.

My husband said grace, blessed the food gave thanks for the company...

All the while I said my own was more along the lines of,

Please God let me get through this meal without stabbing ------- in the eye with my fork, let me put up with -------'s talk of all bodily functions without vomiting in my food, and please, please God if ------ moans about my parenting/housekeeping/cooking skills once more, then please strike her down with a lightening bolt (try to miss my favourite serving dish if you can).... failing that, just kill me now.

Luckily my guests all had their heads bowed in prayer, and Deion was the only one who noticed I was making stabbing motions in my chest with the knife.

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