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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Because Deion sees the incontinence specialist, I have to monitor what he drinks and weigh his pads...its a whole big story about kidney and bladder function that I don't need to bore you with.

So to make it easier for me to monitor, Deion has a 500ml juice bottle.

Occasionally Dave will pick up the bottle and take a drink (an argument about his laziness to get his own drink, and making Deion's chart off usually ensues).

Now, since Deion had his appendix out, he's been constipated and having trouble going, so the doctor has given him some Movacol....2 saches a day in his 500ml bottle, and let me tell you it really works.

Now, I have been known very occasionally to be a tad evil!!! so when Dave picked up Deion's juice bottle and gulped it down, I didn't say anything, in fact, I told him to go ahead and finish it and I'd make Deion another (insert evil laugh here).

Of course, we all took an extraordinary amount of pleasure in telling him afterwards that the drink was laced!!! I feigned forgetfulness of course!

Note to self, stay away from bathroom after Dave....

I'm guessing he may leave Deions drinks alone from now on....

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