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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

We went looking for a new kitchen over the weekend, I walked into the showroom, knew what I wanted, knew what would work for me...simple.

I was shocked at the amount of input everyone else in the family had...especially as they all spend about...ooh...ZERO percent of their time in the kitchen!!!

Even Deion decided he didn't like my cabinet choice, he prefered the black and orange ones (I kid you not!)Dave was critical over my double oven choice, ridiculous, seeing as he would know how to turn the old one on if I asked him.

Do I really need a dishwasher? "NO," I said, "but everyone else will have to chip in with the washing up."


okay, it now appears dishwasher is at the top of the list.

It was ridiculous, a 30 minute job turned into two hours of everyone else deciding what I should have to cook with.

Jordan and Robyn do like to chip in with the cooking, they haven't got to the clearing up after themselves bit yet, so invariably when they emerge with a masterpiece, the kitchen looks like a tornado has passed through, but they are trying.

So in the end we left with nothing, I'm going to go back all by myself, I shall chose what I want.

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