Okay! I admit it, I didn't think it through!  

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Yes, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, I was out and simply saw this, thought crikey, that's a bargain, and bought it because I know Deion will love it, he can actually play wheelchair football/soccer in this.

Of course, I hadn't banked on Dave seeing it first and taking out the table lamp, an ornament and almost killing the computer monitor....

I blame his mum, apparently when he was little, she would tell him off for playing soccer in the house and follow it up with "when you own your own house, you can play soccer in it."

I have asked her about this, and she didn't look quite as put out as I would have hoped.

Worst of all, I heard myself saying it to Jordan about tennis the other day!!!

I don't know whether to hide it now, or give them a chance, I guess, I could pack away anything breakable, valuable, precious!!!

You gotta admit though, it looks cool!

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