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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

As I mentioned, we've spent the last few weeks getting organised for the imminent return to school, we've been to the school outfitters, the stationers, every shoe shop within a twenty mile radius, we've sewn on badges, labels, paired socks, sharpened pencils, packed bags, trimmed hair, organised timetables....

Of course, goes without saying Deions special bathroom, toilet chair, changing table, hoists, slings, tables, care workers, key workers, classroom assistants, storage, fire evacu chairs, care plan, physio plan, O.T. plan, is all in place (the usual!!!)

But we are ready, two days to go and they are all abandoning me again... mixed emotions for me...I shall spend the first hour wandering around the house enjoying peace and quiet, then I shall clean and scrub for the next three, then I shall start missing them and counting down to four o clock, where they will all stampede through the house like a herd of elephants, or in Deion's case a demon driver....then I shall start counting down the hours until they leave for school again the next morning.

Hard to please...who me???

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