Thanks Missy!  

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Thanks Missy Is It Just Me? for this award, I am touched. Now Missy's list was pretty good, so I'll try not to be dull...the rules...list seven things about me, and seven of my favourite blogs...

1. After years of yoga, I still have the ability to but my legs behind my head.

2. I once jumped off a pier without realising the tide had gone out.

3. I love daring sports, I've done 2 bungee jumps, a cliff dive, a 600ft abseil, paraglided and can ride a scrambling bike!

4. I don't mind spiders or snakes but worms uuurghhh!!!!

5. I can read really really fast, I can finish a 300 page book in about an hour.

6. I wanted to have at least 10 children. My husband didn't he wanted 13 (not kidding, but hey, if you have 10, what would 3 more matter)

7. I once went to a halloween party dressed as dracula, got drunk and fell in my own coffin.

I have lots of favourites, but here are seven

Trojan's Corner
Mysterious Creature
An Eagles View
Little Toes and Cheerios
It's a Fine Life
Who Says 8 is Enough? (main family blog)
Made with Love

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