Going through it!  

Monday, 6 July 2009

Poor old Deion seems to be having more than his fare share at the moment. He's been ill over the weekend, today the doctor confirmed he has Swine flu.

I am run ragged, knackered, I need a shower, some clean clothes and a hairbrush, its a good job I'm too tired to see straight, the sight of myself in a mirror may push me over the edge.

In my house, we don't really do sympathy, we do affectionate teasing so we are all doing our best to keep Deion cheered up and smiling.

This involves:

a) Frantically oinking and squeeling at him at regular intervals and asking if he can understand us,
b) Frequently checking for a curly tail,
c) Intermitently showing him pictures of Miss Piggy and asking him if he fancies her yet.
d) Asking if he needs help if holding his drink is hard with trotters.
e) Whenever he farts, asking if he can smell bacon.

Strange as it seems to all you functional families out there...but this is what he needs.

I'll blog when I can, in between the symptoms (believe me, you DON'T need details)

sal xxxx

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