Thursday, 4 December 2008

I apologise for my absence over the last couple of days. It is only the second time I’ve missed a day, and it was because of another virus…just not a human one…the computer when down with it this time…so I couldn’t get on the net and I realised just how much we rely on our computers now, and also how much I have come to enjoy the blogging.

In a comparatively short time I have become quite attached to using the blog sort of like and on-line diary. It’s been a great way of getting some of those thoughts out of my head and sharing my experiences too, I have also come to enjoy the e-mails and the feedback I get from the entries.

I have now loaded just about every anti-virus, anti-worm, anti spyware, system, data and user protection known to man onto the PC. With any luck, my computer should be harder to hack into that MI5, the Pentagon and the FBI computer systems. So it shouldn’t happen again. I suspect I may have overdone it, as I had to confirm who I was roughly thirty times before I was allowed to connect to the internet…but hey, better safe than sorry. I am relieved however I didn’t go for the retina scan/voice recognition package I saw…I’m kidding!

After reading about what these worm thingies can do to your work, I sort of panicked, I have all my books, all my photos and all my t-shirts designs saved on separate flash drives, just in case!

Well, I can’t stay and chat today, as I now have about thirty million e-mails to answer now that I can get back on-line. But its fine, it wasn’t like I was really going to get any sleep tonight anyway.
Speak to you tomorrow

Sal xxx

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