Day off ... my a$$  

Monday, 2 November 2009

Okay, I have officially heard it all now.

I was off the work rota on Sunday Morning as I worked until 3am the night before/that morning. So I took the time, caught up with the washing, ironing, dusting (it was getting to the point where I could write my name in the layer on the bookshelf) I cooked three days worth of dinners, did the food shopping, threw myself in and out of the shower at lightening speed and then said to Dave, "I'm knackered," he replied "why, you've had the day off!!!"

Yes, he is still alive (just)

And yes, I did lecture him about what a day off should actually mean, I even through in a few not so friendly names....

And yes, I think he's learnt his lesson for now... if not I might need some advice on where to hide the body!!!

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