The big four OH!!!  

Friday, 11 December 2009

How did it happen, i don't feel any different to when i was in my teens, i am the same...well, until i look in the mirror and think 'bloody Hell who's that old hag looking back at me !!!'

Oh well, they say life begins at forty, luckily it didn't end for one person in my house who suggested i was now middle aged.

"I AM NOT MIDDLE AGED!" I gently bellowed.
"sorry, but forty is middle aged" said the perpetrator
"I guess it depends on how long you intend to live" I said "say it again and your middle age would have been twenty one years ago!"

Whats wrong with people?????

well, life/the house/work, is totally, insanely hectic, but i have insisted on a night off, I might even get to leave the house for recreational never know xxxx

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