Thursday, 29 October 2009

I cannot believe that I have actually written 500 posts. Okay, okay, some some weren't mine, some were e-mails or quotes or videos that I couldn't resist sharing. But 500 times I have clicked on that publish button and something that says something about me is out there on the world wide web.

Looking back, what makes me smile is how different my blog is to what I expected.

Originally, I was going to do a weekly update, talking about life as a parent with special needs children, about how to live with the loss of a child...I thought I was going to be giving support and advice to other parents like me.

And to a certain degree I think I have, sharing information is the best way to deal with many aspects of special needs and disability. But I have received just as much information back.

But what I didn't expect was to get into it and write about everything and anything that's on my mind, and what is even more amazing is the love and support I have received from my fellow bloggers. I didn't expect to love reading about the lives of people from all over the world, I didn't expect to be able to relate quite so much.

I feel less alone, I have an outlet, I can share the little things that make me laugh (or cry), things that otherwise go unsaid. I can have a bad day, rant, scream, cry, swear, and all I get back is support.

My biggest thanks has to be to Trojan of Trojan's Corner, he is the one that believed in me and what I had to say enough to encourage me to blog in the first place.

Here's to the next 500 if you can stand me for that long!!!!

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